If you have a consistent mindfulness practice, please consider volunteering just an hour a week at a SFUSD school near your home or office. You'll teach from The Mindful Arts in the Classroom curriculum that uses storytelling, theater, and art activities to convey the principles of mindfulness.


Upcoming Trainings:


thursday,  Sept. 12

1:00- 4:00pm. Please Arrive Early

Training Location: 
SF Education Fund, 2730 Bryant St. 2nd Floor
(Between 25th & 26th St)


wednesday, Oct. 16

5:30 - 8:30pm.
Please Arrive Early

Training Location: SF Education Fund, 2730 Bryant St. 2nd Floor
(Between 25th & 26th St)


Thursday, January 16, 2020

5:30 - 8:30pm.
Please Arrive Early

Training Location: SF Education Fund, 2730 Bryant St. 2nd Floor
(Between 25th & 26th St)

MASF Volunteers Receive:

  • Free 3-hour Mindfulness Training

  • Complimentary copy of 272-page curriculum

  • Swag bag filled with classroom props

  • Deck of Breathing Cards

MASF Collage for volunteers.jpg

NOTE: While the orientation/training is free, if you decide to volunteer with San Francisco Education Fund, there is a requirement to get fingerprinted (an $80.00 tax deductible donation) and assessed for TB risk. Both can be done while at the training. Scholarships available.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to work with one or two classes once a week to assist or teach the MASF curriculum, using a published book, Mindful Arts in the Classroom,  which  uses stories, theater games, and art activities to teach the principles of Mindfulness to TK through 5th graders.

At the training we will briefly review the principles of Mindfulness and then start learning the Mindful Arts SF Curriculum.  The training will be very interactive so participants should dress comfortably and be ready to explore their mindful selves.

In the classroom each week The Mindful Arts SF Volunteer will invite students to do check-in, participate in “Focus Time” (meditation); read them a story; ask questions about the story, and/or participate in expressive and performing arts exercises.  You will be given a comprehensive and easy to follow published curriculum at the training which we will go through together step-by-step. 

We hope you can help bring this invaluable life skill to young people.

For more information or to visit a Mindful Arts SF class already in progress, contact Kayla Schneider-Smith , MASF Program Coordinator at kschneidersmith@sfedfund.org or 415-695-5400 x 3006



“Volunteering for MASF has brought Mindfulness to every aspect of my life- teaching me to pause, breathe, observe my feelings and accept them for what they are. I am calmer, healthier, and happier, because of my work with MASF."

-  Radhika Roa, Mindful Educator at Charles Drew

“I feel so thankful, truly, to the vision and content of Mindful Arts.  My teaching life, and the life of my 2nd graders, has been lifted by our MASF volunteer’s presence!” 

- Kristi Jacobson, 2nd Grade Teacher, Moscone Elementary

“Volunteering with MASF is one of my most favorite things to do every week!”

- Megan Prentiss, Mindful Educator at Buena Vista Horace Mann